2018 ABRSM Representative

A great professional asset to my piano teaching this year is the opportunity to represent Newport as the Honorary Local representative for the ABRSM at St Woolos Cathedral in Newport. Experiencing the training, going to the teacher’s Conference in London, meeting the examiners at Newport and organising the winter 2018 exam session with our genial stewards Jean and Clive has really been beneficial to my own continuing professional development. My many years of teaching and performing experience and being involved with education have been applied to organising the exam centre .The role is making me more aware of what is involved in exam preparation for my own pupils and of other teachers and what the candidate experience during an exam situation.

At the 2018 winter session I enjoyed meeting all of the candidates and their supporters including the teachers and accompanists .In the forthcoming session we look forward to helping everyone have a positive exam experience and perform the best they can in the least stressful way.

It was encouraging that candidates were willing to travel from as far as Carmarthen and Gloucester to Newport due to the positive facilities available. Free parking, warm up room, teas and coffees and lovely calm environment were often mentioned by our attendees.

A return to Newport of the ABRSM higher scorers concert for the candidates who take exams at St Woolos is on the agenda for 2019. Higher scorers will have a performance opportunity to replay their exam piece in a beautiful and supportive environment while other candidates and friends will be invited to be part of an appreciative and encouraging audience.

Member of EPTA

I joined the European Association of Piano Teachers and have attended one of the advertised EPTA CPD courses as an observer. I began 2019 at the Cambridge Suzuki Training course run by Jenny MacMillan. It was a marvellous experience and very self educating. The experience of listening to the guest trainers, meeting Mrs Caroline Gowers and Mrs Heather Clemson was irreplaceable and their wisdom and teaching experience is inspirational. There is a tremendous amount of care and attention and sensible thought in the delivery of lessons. I have a great respect for this teaching method and hope I can experience more of the teacher training in the future. I recommend that everyone interested in music teaching looks into this approach of educating young children in the mastery of playing a musical instrument if they have an opportunity. They will not regret it.