Pictures & Music 2013

The Chepstow Male Voice Choir

The  Chepstow Male Voice Choir have an  excellent brand new CD called “A Celebration”.  It is the full live- concert at St Mary’s Church Chepstow in May 2013 and Rose Lewis and myself are sharing the accompaniment for the choir..  It is on sale  for £8 at the Tourist Information Centre, Chepstow and the Post Office at Caerleon, Newport or you can contact the choir on their website if you require one to be sent to you .


back of cd

The Chepstow Male Voice  Choir is  a wonderful addition to this  year and maintains my involvement with quality, live  music making.They have had several concerts to date,and a tour in Northumbria in June.

I take my trusted  video camera most places  with me and and was pleased to hear the final result of their annual concert in May,at St Marys Church in Chepstow. The video is  a  personal favorite  that I was accompanist on.  It is the Welsh hymn, Deus Salutis by  G.H.Jones.I am fond of  the Amen’s at the end of such hymns. I have combined three videos and am pleased at how well the rehearsal and concert audio flow into each other.The picture is not as clear as the singing however.Time for a new camera!

The Ponthir Chiming Bells  at Ponthir Church are still going strong.They hosted a first  annual concert at Ponthir Baptist Church on Saturday June 22nd  at  7 pm with  various special musical guests and a rare  vocal appearance by the excellent,  Mr Greg Pritchard and his “Hannah’s Music Singing Group” .

Chepstow male Choir